“I am so grateful for working with Susan through a six month program. Initially, I felt I needed to focus on minor dietary changes for weight loss as a “freeing” process. Susan gave me the space and opportunity to delve into many aspects of my life which, ultimately were quite liberating!

Your compassion, warmth and open mindedness are so appreciated. Many of your comments and insights stick with me, particularly when I lose sight of what’s most important. Thank you for coaching me through so much more than not fighting the evening fruit and chocolate snack!”

Wendy M., Easton, Pennsylvania

“Susan is a great health coach who really understands how to motivate without making her client feel guilty. She helped me a lot in teaching me how the foods I ate out of habit could be having a negative effect on my long-term health in terms of blood pressure and potential for prediabetes. I was interested in improving my overall health both now and for the future, and this is an area in which Susan is a true expert. She is so knowledgeable about the role of foods (as well as stress and other factors) and helped me see how small and manageable changes can have a large and positive impact. I am very grateful that she worked with me, and I now feel very optimistic about my health future.”

Kevin R., Washington, D.C.

“Over the past nine months Susan has provided me with inspiration, good direction, and support that I know I would not be able to get from anyone else.  She is a thoughtful, caring mentor who provides excellent feedback and many “aha” moments. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

Kris R., San Diego, California

“Susan has a unique talent for hearing the common thread running through seemingly unrelated conversation topics–and finding its connection to one’s overall health.  I have learned and grown so much in just a short time of working with her!  She is compassionate, candid, and very knowledgeable.  I feel lucky to be working with her, and look forward to every session!

Kirsten G., Boston, Massachusetts

“Susan’s expertise and credentials are noteworthy and speak for themselves.  Her holistic approach, her conversational format, and her genuine interest in my success made our sessions that more valuable.  That’s why I always looked forward to (and enjoyed) our coaching sessions.”

Lucretia C., Skippack, Pennsylvania. and Mandeville, Jamaica, West Indies

“I expected to dread health counseling meetings- thinking that I’d have my diet and lifestyle picked apart. It was nothing of the sort and I immediately looked forward to them. Susan created a space to explore the aspects of my life that I struggled with- some I had tucked away or resigned to. She has a way of effectively getting right to the heart of things and her sincere respect and compassion for her clients make that possible.”

Martica W., Boston, Massachusetts

“When I started working with Susan I was feeling very lost and stuck. I felt I was living with no direction as where to go next in my life. Susan really took interest in my specific problems holding me up and created personal sessions that helped me see my life in a new light. Working with her gave me new hope and strength to not only enjoy the now in life, but also to embrace whatever might come to me in the future. Susan made it possible for me to learn and understand new life lessons that I will use forever.”

Allison V., Connecticut

“As a newly engaged bride-to-be, I wanted to learn how to manage my nutrition so that I could look my best at my wedding. Susan’s approach is unlike anything I’ve ever tried in that it really works in getting you in touch with the food that you eat and more importantly, the reasons.  Susan guided me through the three month process, allowing me to learn about myself and my eating habits, but more importantly put me in touch and helped me learn how to feel great about myself.

I am even more excited for my wedding now because I know that Susan’s tools will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thanks Susan!”

Emily J., Frederick, Maryland


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