Is coaching for you?

Coaching is ideal for people who want to make changes, but may be unclear about what direction to take. Or, they may be certain of what they want but are experiencing self-sabotage or resistance to change. Others feel disconnected from the deepest, truest part of themselves and find it difficult to access the answers within. Often, they make decisions based on what other people think they should do, what has worked for someone else, or what feels like the safest or easiest option for them.

As a result of these concerns, they are not happy with parts (or all) of the life they are living, often including their own health and well-being. They may have developed unwanted symptoms such as emotional eating, bingeing, fatigue, low energy, or other health related issues.

People who come to coaching are ready to take responsibility for their lives and are willing to explore how their current beliefs, actions, and behaviors may no longer be working for them. They are willing to be curious about what is preventing them from moving forward in their life.

I have a special interest in working with people who have struggled for years and are still challenged with food, weight, and their body image. I can help you to understand what is at the root of your struggles and how to transform your challenges into a positive turning point in your life.

During our coaching sessions, you will discover and move beyond whatever is blocking you from creating a nourishing life. I will give you tools and strategies to make peace with food, your weight, body image, and ultimately, with yourself. You can live a healthy, vibrant life that is full of meaning, purpose, and happiness. I can help you get there.


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